Apsima provides all the tools and API necessary to easily create rich connected apps. We wanted developers to focus on their core features and not worry about the intricacies involved with connectivity. We wanted to include everything an app would need in order to engage customers and merchants with all the tools necessary to do so. With that in mind, we sought to provide very unique features into one streamlined and compelling package. These features can be easily managed through our rich web dashboard or the API. To begin, we will outline some of Apsima’s most notable features & concepts in the sections below.

We also provide YouTube videos as an additional resource, which further explain some of these concepts as well as how to manage them utilizing the Apsima web dashboard. Visit our YouTube Channel:

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Push Notifications

Push notifications allow apps to notify users of new messages, updates, or events without the need for them to actually launch the application. These can be silent, resulting from some system action, or internal and can be configured through the Apsima API. When an event occurs that causes your app to generate a notification, the notification is displayed to the user by either an onscreen alert or badge, making them aware of updates. These notifications can be used for any reason you, as the developer, choose.

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Rich Push Notifications

Rich push notifications are application specific messages that can be sent directly to the home screens of mobile users without the necessity for them to be active within your app. Mobile users opt-in to receiving these notifications from you. You can utilize the Apsima portal or API to create, send, and manage rich push notifications which allow you to alert customers of special events, offers, or promotions, either on demand or based on a user’s location.

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Geo-fencing allows you to target mobile users within a certain geographic perimeter. This perimeter can then be used to trigger push notifications or custom callbacks to users when they enter or leave the specified perimeter.

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Proximity Beacons

The Apsima proximity feature utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to identify users within close proximity to send notifications, track foot traffic, process hands free mobile payments, and more. Apsima allows you to combine multiple beacons within the same given area, for instance multiple beacons located throughout a shoe department, into groups for better beacon management. Your application can utilize proximity beacons in ranging mode, meaning actively seeking beacons within close proximity, or in monitoring mode in which the application running in the background recognizes specified beacons and triggers a notification or server call back as soon as a mobile user approaches.

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Apsima allows you to send push notifications to users based on advanced user segmentation-the ability to target a specific audience based on interests, demographics, and other user preferences such as age, zip code, or those who have made recent purchases.

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The portal provides all the tools needed to create rich notification templates and preview them online before sending them off. These templates can include text, images, and html markup and can be used to define any announcement, such as a coupon, you wish to send to users.

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Mobile Payments

Apsima allows you to offer your users the ability to make purchases in one touch through your application. Apsima also supports hands-free payments, utilizing proximity beacons. The portal provides all the UI needed to manage payment accounts, accept a signature, process physical credit cards, and more.

Now that we have defined some of Apsima’s rich features, let’s proceed with our dashboard tour where we will show you how to manage them using the portal.

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