The Apsima UI SDK provides a variety of pre-built UI components including mobile profile, notification, and payment widgets to allow developers to more quickly develop polished apps utilizing Apsima’s rich features. For this we also provide our developers with a complete mobile reference app to leverage during development as a base to get them started. View our reference app screens in the sections below to orient yourself with some of the features the UI SDK provides.

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It is also important to note that all views included in the UI SDK can be customized to match your branding. Here are a few examples of fully customized apps utilizing our UI SDK with unique layouts, color schemes, and menu options.


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User Registration

Developers can leverage Apsima’s fully customizable profile widgets to quickly add login, sign up, edit profile, etc. to his or her app.



Sign Up: Sign Up view allows the user to create an account including an initial password.




Login: Once the user has created an account they can login using their credentials created during sign up.


Forget Password


Forgot Password: If the user has forgotten their password they can reset it and receive a temp password via email.




Menu: Once logged in, the user can navigate the app using a sliding menu view.




Account: By touching their profile photo the user can adjust their account profile including changing their photo.




Edit Profile: The user can change their name, username, and email address by selecting Edit Profile under their account view.




Change Password: If the user wishes to change their password they can do so from the account view.

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Developers can use our fully customizable mobile notification widgets to quickly create apps that receive, display, and delete notifications.



Notification Settings: From the settings view the user can navigate to configure notification specific settings including whether they want email payment receipts.




Badges: The app keeps track of all unread notifications across all user devices. Badges are visible from the main menu.




Notification Banner: User can see a notification banner with each notifcation received when inside the app.




Notification View: User can view all read and unread offers by navigating to the offers view from the main menu.




Notification Detail: User can touch each notification received for further detail.

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These flexible payment widgets provide all the UI to manage payment accounts, accept a signature, process credit cards, etc.



Payment Accounts: From the account view the user can add multiple credit cards to be used for future one-click payments.




Credit Cards: Each credit account can be entered and saved for future use. No account numbers are actually stored, as the system utilizes a 3-token system of security.




Payment History: Under the main menu the user can view a complete payment history of past purchases.



Payment Detail: The user can also view further details of each individual transaction including fee and payment method.

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Settings: The settings option located on the main menu allows the user to configure application specific settings.


Passcode Options


Passcode: From the settings view the user can chose to turn on a passcode lock for added security.


New Passcode


Set Passcode: The passcode consists of a 4-digit pin selected using the keypad.